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Effectiveness of Life Skill Training through the Art of Storytelling on Adjustment of Children with Conduct Disorder

SUMITY ARORA, uma joshi


Introduction: conduct disorder is the most common disorder seen in children. This study investigated the effect of training of life skills on the adjustment level of the children with conduct disorder. Method: Sixty-eight children of conduct disorder from Delhi state in India were given life skill training through the art of storytelling. Pretest –intervention- posttest design was used in this study to draw the results. Appropriate stories from the module of panchatantra were selected to teach life skills. Bell’s adjustment inventory was administered both before and after training to check the adjustment level. Post test was conducted obtained after 6 months of training. Results: The result showed that mean adjustment scores improved significantly in post condition. Life skill training through the art of storytelling (use of panchatantra stories) was very effective, as adjustment improved in the post condition. Conclusion: The study concluded that this method proved to be effective, interesting and preferred by children with conduct disorder. Children looked forward to attend the sessions. Stories selected specially from panchatantra positively affect adjustment of these children. This method can be used as complementary method in children with conduct disorder to improve adjustment level.

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