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Effectiveness of STP on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Vitamin A Deficiency in Children among Mothers of Children below Five Years

Kuldeep Singh


The present study was aimed to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme (STP) on knowledge regarding prevention of vitamin A and D deficiency in children among the mothers of under-five children in selected rural areas.


The sample size was 60 mothers of under-five children. The sample was selected by nonprobability convenience sampling technique. The tools used were demographic proforma and structured knowledge questionnaire.


The major findings of the study shows that the overall knowledge mean posttest score (25.33+/-1.91) of mothers were significantly higher than the mean pretest score (16.00+/-1.91) and computed paired ‘t’ value (87.42) was higher than the table value (2.000) at P<0.05 level of significance, which proved that the STP was effective. The study also found that there was a significant association between the levels of knowledge with selected demographic variables.


There was statistically significant improvement in the mothers knowledge score after the implementation of STP on prevention of selected vitamin deficiency disorders.

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