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A Descriptive Study to Assess Health Consciousness, Associated Factors and Related Practices among Adults (20–40 years) of a Low-Income Colony, Chandigarh

Sushma Kumari Saini, Karamdeep Kaur, Kiran S, Kirti S, Anita Kumari, Lakshmi S, Manpreet Kaur, Vikas Suri, Suresh Kumar Bamania


Health consciousness refers to describing an attitude in which one has an awareness of being healthy. It is the tendency to focus attention on one’s health; where individuals with higher health consciousness have better quality of life. The aim of the study is to assess health consciousness, to identify associated factors affecting health consciousness and to assess practices to be healthy among adults (20–40 years of age) residing in a low-income colony of Chandigarh. A descriptive quantitative cross-sectional research design was used to conduct the study. Systemic random sampling technique was utilized for this study. A survey proforma and interview schedule was developed to collect data. Through house-to-house survey, every 15th house was surveyed. Total 224 adults (20–40 years) were identified and interviewed. Findings of the study revealed that 88.4% of study participants were having average health consciousness and 11.6% were having good level of health consciousness. Important observations about the study participants were that they were having normal BMI (75%), eat regular and well-balanced meals (97.8%), buy healthy food (89.7%) and prefer to grow plants in their homes (88.8%). Most of the study participants (96.9%) were interested in knowing about health. To remain mentally healthy most of study participants (96.4%) try to remain calm and patient and 90.6% of study participants share their stressful feelings with near and dear ones. There was a significant correlation of health consciousness with educational and economic status. As the health consciousness of the study participants was average, so there is need to create awareness among people regarding better lifestyle, good dietary pattern and healthy practices. Community health nurses and health care providers working in community need to encourage people regarding different aspects of health consciousness.

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