Anatomical Study of Asthi vaha srotas & Clinical Study of Asthi Kshaya w.s.r to “Osteoporosis”

Gagan Devi, Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Arun Kumar Singh, Shailja Singh


Ayurveda is a life science. The researchers of Ayurveda could rule out the presence of srotas spreading throughout the human body. These srotas are governed by vayu which is using all the srotas of the body to carry out all the activity of human body, without which the human society will not exist. Several synonymous words have been described by the Ayurvedacharyas for srotas. The aim of the study was to justify that srotas are nothing but innumerable channels/pathways/cells without which no activities of the human body will develop and to understand the Asthi vaha srotas, Asthi Kshaya and its correlation with osteoporosis. In introductory chapter we have discussed about srotas and provided an insight into the rich Ayurvedic literature comprising the word srotas, the definition and types of srotas, the detailed description of Asthi vaha srotas, the detailed etiological factors, the specific poorvaroopas, the characteristics and clinical features i.e., the roopa, the meticulously described etiopathogenesis i.e., the samprapti and the logical management of disease with special reference to Asthi Kshaya. The modern science provides a systemic description of bone introduction, bone composition and systemic description of osteoporosis starting from different types of definition, the epidemiology of the disease at the global level with special reference to India, the etiological factors, pathogenesis of the disease, classification, clinical features, different laboratory investigation including haematology–radiology–bone mineral density tests etc. The section on drug review begins with the logical reasoning and basis of selection of trial drugs viz., Asthi Srinkhala, Mukta Pisti, Haridra, Amalaki. Further pages in this section are exclusively dedicated to the detailed study of each of the drugs comprising of the following details viz., taxonomical classification, Sanskrit synonyms, Hindi names, English names, habitat, properties, part used, dose, morphology, chemical constituents, general uses etc. The section ends with an attempt to highlight the role of several preventive modalities for preventing the onset of this dreaded disease. The clinical study of this research provides a detailed analysis of the methodology of research in the present clinical trial.

Keywords: Asthi vaha srotas, Asthi Kshaya, osteoporosis

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Devi G, Singh S, Gupta GK et al. Anatomical study of Asthi vaha srotas & clinical study of Asthi Kshaya w.s.r to “Osteoporosis”. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2018; 5(1): 15–20p.

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