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Anti-hyperglycaemic Effect of Psidium guajava Extracts in Diabetes Mellitus: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Gebrekidan Gebregzabher Asfeha, Birhane Alem Berihu


Introduction: Psidium guajava belonging to family Myrtaceae is traditionally used plant for the treatment of diabetes in many countries of the world. This systematic review was designed to determine level of evidence of on the anti-hyperglycaemic effect of Psidium guajava extracts from experimental trials. Methods: An electronic literature search from the database inception was performed since December 2014 with specified terms and defined outcome. We included only experimental study designs using Psidium guajava extract as anti-hyperglycaemic effect. Two reviewers independently extracted data and rated the risk of bias of each included trial. A Standard Mean difference with 95% confidence interval was an effective measure for the outcome. The statistical analysis was done using Review Manager 5.3. Results: Studies included in the present systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that following the treatment of diabetic albino rats with the Psidium guajava extract showed a significant reduction in blood glucose at all dose level of the extract p = 0.00001). This analysis showed very promising effect of guava extract on in diabetes mellitus in terms of significance when compared to the individual studies. Conclusion: The results of the present review have shown the significant antidiabetic activities of extracts of Psidium guajava in experimental rats. Although a number of included studies regarding the current topic are limited, the available evidence is sufficient to support the anti-hyperglycaemic effect of the extract on diabetes mellitus. Further investigations involving humans designed with attention to duration of the blood glucose assessment are needed. Study on understanding of the mechanisms of the antidiabetic effect Psidium guajava is also recommended.


Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Blood glucose level, hyperglycemia, hypoglycaemia, Psidium guajava extract.

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Gebrekidan Gebregzabher Asfeha, Birhane Alem Berihu. Anti-hyperglycaemic Effect of Psidium guajava Extracts in Diabetes Mellitus: Systematic review and Meta-analysis. Research & Reviews: Journal of Computational Biology, 2019; 8(1): 26–33p

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