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A Consolidated Review on Novel Liquisolid Technique to Enhance Aqueous Solubility of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs

Amreen Khan, Madhavi Kasturi, Shuchi Jain


Liquid technique is a novel capable method that can change the dissolution rate of water insoluble drugs. Liquid preparations such as solutions or suspensions of water unsolvable drugs in suitable non-volatile liquid vechicles can be transformed into suitable flowing as well as compressible powders by blending with selected powder excipients. It has been speculated that such systems exhibit improved release profiles. In this case, even though the drug is in a solid dosage form, it is held within the powder substrate in a solution or, in a solubilized, almost molecularly dispersed state, which contributes to the better drug dissolution properties.


Keywords: Liquisolid technique, dissolution, carrier, coating, poorly water soluble drugs

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