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Ushering Era of Nanomedicines: A Short Review

Aqsa Tehseen, Tahir Iqbal, Habiba Irum, Asma Latif, Almas Bashir


Nanomedicine is a revolutionary field of nanotechnology and it is extending very rapidly with every passing day. This field is focusing on the developing of the nanoparticles for the diagnosing and treatment of patient’s diseases. It is also in the field of therapeutic and prophylactic applications. Nanoparticles have unique properties that we used in medicines for the treatment. Nanomedicines prefer over other medicines because of the extraordinary properties of nanoparticles used in nanomedicines. Nanomedicines are especially using for cancer treatment most actively. Although nanomedicines are facing some alarming challenges but will resolve in the future. Advancement in microscopy techniques will enhance the efficiency and working of nanomedicine. Certain medicines are useful for specific tumors. It is being practiced using single medicine for different types of cancers. Some nanomedicines are still not approved to commercialize in the whole world but are limited to some developed countries. With advancing technology, nanotechnology is also advancing.

Keywords: Abraxane, cancer, Doxil, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoparticles

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Tahir Iqbal, Habiba Irum, Asma Latif,
Aqsa Tehseen , Almas Bashir . Ushering Era
of Nanomedicines: A Short Review .
Research & Reviews: Journal of
Computational Biology 201 9 ; 8 3 1 8 p.

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