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Current scientific evidence for enhancing the success of root coverage procedures: A step by step guide

Ashadeep K., Vindeshwari Bhatia, Kanwarjit Singh Asi, Ajay Mahajan, Poonam Mahajan, Saroj Thakur


Background: Gingival recession defects for long have been treated using various root coverage procedures. As the expectations and patient's perception is becoming increasingly more demanding, it has become difficult to achieve patient centered outcomes. A review of scientific literature has been employed and the evidence implies that the success of treatment is dependent on multiple factors.

Objectives: The paper aims at providing an evidence based information to clinicians in management of gingival recession defects with focus mainly on patient centered outcomes.

Material and methods: The paper provides an overview of predominant findings based on electronic and manual database search regarding patient centered treatment outcomes of gingival recession defects.

Conclusion: Patient's needs, perception and expectations regarding treatment of the gingival recession defects should not be neglected. Thorough knowledge about the disease and the factors affecting the treatment outcomes will not only aid in providing a patient centered care but will also help in increasing the overall success of the treatment.


Gingival recession defects, root coverage procedures, patient centered treatment outcomes

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