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Role of Protease in Virulence of Periodontal Bacteria

Arnav Walia


Periodontitis is a polymicrobial, multifactorial disease with the most toxic protease that aids in emigration and the degradation of the host. Unattended bacterial contamination leads to periodontitis, and extreme gum problems may also bring about missing teeth and also bleeding. Major microorganisms associated with periodontitis are p.gingivalis, t. Forsythia, p.aeruginosa and t. Denticola. Virulence plays a major role in microbial contamination where different proteases released by microorganism aids in spreading and also develop along with payment to the bacterial virulence. Virulence variables of cell-connected and secretory forms consist of proteolytic enzymes, as they are related to the destructive process of gum tissue via their enhanced level in the inflammatory sites. Microbial virulence depends on various variables, including adhesions, intrusion, synergism, commensalism, and adverse interactions. In the increment of periodontal illness, the direct devastation of gum cell structures and the disturbance of normal host defence reaction are also included.



Protease, periodontitis, virulence, polymicrobial, proteolytic

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