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Comparison of the Accuracy of the Computer-guided Surgery with Different Templates

Fabio Carini, Daniele Viscardi, Fabrizio Carini


The advent of computed tomography and the development of new pre-surgical programming software has completely revolutionized the surgical approach in dentistry. Through virtual study, it is possible to program the surgery with the aim of obtaining a surgical guide that allows for the insertion of an implant in the ideal position. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the different accuracies obtained using different surgical guides. 16 implants were inserted in four patients. The implants were divided into two groups: the first consisting of 11 implants placed with mucosal support surgical guides, and the second group consisting of five implants placed with dental support surgical guides. The CBCT standard superimposition protocol was used to evaluate accuracy. The result obtained shows how dental support guides presented a lower average deviation in both position and angle. However, values are not such as to preclude the successful outcome of the intervention even after using mucosal support guides. Future randomized controlled studies are necessary to confirm the results of this work and to evaluate possible variables that may affect the accuracy of this technique


Computer-guided surgery, implant, surgical template, accuracy

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