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I-Health Kit with Internet of Things

Riya Goyal, Nishi Khetwal, Nidhi Garg, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot


In today’s life, everyone wants to reach their future goals as soon as possible due to which they did not take care about their health. Consumption of lot of junk foods leads to increase in weight and it also harms body metabolism. Humans are not able to know how much they intake calories while eating and that lead to obesity and other health problems. They also cannot know about their health-related problems like about blood pressure, heart etc. The principle objective of this venture is to make a balancing healthy lifestyle and in order to deal with this scenario a food scale is designed which will be connected to an android device which will give all the information about the presence of calories and nutrients present in the food. It will send the weight of food to the app which will track the intake of calories and nutrients and a health monitoring system is also connected with this scale which will tell about body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate using different sensors. The outcome of this system and food scale is that it will help people to reach their health goals like reducing all the bad intake like junk, eating good stuff etc. and it will also give all the information related to health because of which they can check their blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate at any place.


Keywords: CalNag, IOT, electrocardiogram (ECG sensor), TI Launchpad


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Riya Goyal, Nishi Khetwal, Nidhi Garg et al. I-Health Kit with Internet of Things. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2018; 8(1): 23–28p.

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