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PR in Healthcare—A Tool to Ensure Market Visibility

Shrikant Juneja, Amrinder Singh


The purpose of this article was to highlight the importance of maintaining good public relation (PR) in a healthcare unit. The public has been broadly categorized into two categories—External as well as Internal. Gone are the days when a healthcare unit was only considered at the time when a disease would arise. Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana has been chosen as the area of study so that the efforts that an organization banks upon to maintain good market image can come to light. A healthcare unit is known for the services that it provides and to make sure that a certain healthcare unit is applauded in the market for the perfect execution of its services; many new initiatives are driven by the PR team to disseminate the news. Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana is also one of those hospitals where PR is one of the most successful pillars to carry the efforts across the nation. These programmes are driven for the external public, patients, employees, vendors and contractual workers, suppliers, financers, stakeholders as well as all other interest groups. A total of 25 exclusive Oncology patients and their families were interviewed who were at least 1-year old inpatient department (IPD) patients over the period of 90 days of field work.


Keywords: external public, internal public, market visibility, oncology patients, public relation (PR)


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