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Impact of Maternal Diet on the Microbiota of Human Breast Milk

Muhammad Umar Khan, Meenakshi Anand


Objective:The human breast milk plays an important role in the immunological development of the infant. The purpose of this study is to put forward the importance of maternal diet on the microbiota of the breast milk and their role in the health of infant.Study Design: A total of 20 breast milk samples were taken from lactating mothers from Civil Hospital Mohali {10 vegetarian and 10 non-vegetarians}. The microbiota composition was studied via different methods in the lab and the influence of maternal diet on the microbiota was evaluated.Result:Lactobacillusspp. and Bifidobacterium spp. were the most predominant bacteria seen in different samples. Other bacteria like streptococcus spp. and Enterococcus spp. Were also seen. Bifidobacterium was detected most frequently in vaginal deliveries.Conclusion: Maternal diet influences the composition of breast milk microbiota. The probiotic bacteria are most frequently seen in the breast milk, which may help in the immunological development and health of an infant.


Infant, microbiota,breast milk, immunological, probiotic, etc

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