Occupational Stress and Locus of Control among Print Media Journalists

Ankalesh B N


The present study is conducted to study the level of occupational stress and Locus of control among Print media journalists with less than and more than five years of work experience. The study is adopted 2X2 factorial design. A purposive sample of 120 print media journalists between 25 to 40 years of age is selected for the study. The result of the study is indicated no significant gender difference in the level of occupational stress and locus of control, except in one sub area of occupational stress strenuous working condition, male print media journalists with less than five years of work experience, report having significantly higher strenuous working condition when compared to female print media journalist with less than five years of work experience and male and female print media journalists with greater than five years of work experience. Relationship between occupational stress and locus of control indicated significant positive correlation between aspects of External locus of control and (Powerful others and chance control) and occupational stress reveals that as external control increases occupational stress also increases and vice-versa. There is a significant negative correlation between individual control and occupational stress, which reveals that as individual control increases the occupational stress decreases and vice–versa.



Occupational stress, Locus of control, Print media journalists, Work experience, Gender


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