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A Study on Future Implications of Robotic Healthcare Facilities

Sakshi Goyal


Healthcare industry in the USA has reached up to $4 trillion in the current year. The economic success of any organization or the sector depends largely on the human capital. The data states that the healthcare sector consumes around 10% of gross domestic product in the developed countries (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). It becomes so important to manage human resources in this sector that there is continuous need for innovation to save time, energy and other important resources. As we all know that the use of robotics has been considered as one of the major revolutions in the healthcare industry and it has been used for wide range of healthcare facilities all over the globe. Robots are used in many applications ranging from manufacturing of drugs, dispensing of the drugs and medicines to the patients in the hospitals and also for monitoring of the important vital statistics of the patients. Nowadays, robots are also being used for surgery purposes. Already robotics is proving its potential for improving the quality of patient care, as well as making it more sustainable and affordable. In order to mitigate the healthcare problems and reducing the burden, there has been employment of robotic medical technologies in the patient rooms, surgical suites and in-home patient care with the use of emergency services and the vehicles [1]. Several researches have been conducted on the effect of using the robotics on the social, cultural, economical and technological life of the healthcare industry. This research paper would focus on these issues primarily and would look into the resulting impact on the healthcare industry from these perspectives. We will initiate with the historical perspective and the reason behind introduction of robots in the industry.


Keywords: Robotic, healthcare, patient care, technological life


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