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IoT-based Vital Signs Monitoring System for Improved Healthcare Delivery

K. Vamsi Krishna, Y. Syamala, B.R.B. Jaswanth, Ch. Revanth Kumar, K. Ajay Varma, Harsha Gogineni


The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new possibilities for healthcare delivery. In this study, we propose an IoT-based vital signs monitoring system for improved healthcare delivery. The proposed system uses wearable devices to collect vital signs data and a cloud-based platform for data storage and analysis. The system also includes a mobile application for healthcare providers to access patient data and receive real-time notifications in case of any abnormality in the vital signs. The proposed system is expected to improve healthcare delivery by providing timely and accurate data to healthcare providers, thereby enabling. The rise of Internet of Things (IoT)-centered systems for monitoring vital signs holds potential as a promising approach to enhance healthcare provision. These systems use accurate data to healthcare providers, enabling.. These systems use wearable devices and sensors to continuously monitor patients' vital signs, which are then captured and the information is sent to healthcare professionals. This live data empowers healthcare experts to remotely observe patients' well-being and take action as needed, ultimately enhancing patient results and lowering healthcare expenses. This study provides an overview of IoT-based Vital Signs Monitoring Systems, including the data transmission process, the use of mobile applications, and the use of wearable devices. Additionally, this study discusses the results and discussions of studies that have investigated the effectiveness of these systems in the pursuit of enhancing patient results. Though findings from various studies present a blend of outcomes, IoT-driven Vital Signs Monitoring Systems carry the capability to revolutionize healthcare provision and elevate patient outcomes. Additional investigation is essential to ascertain the most effective utilization of these systems and tackle the obstacles linked with their extensive adoption.


Internet of Things, vital signs, monitoring, healthcare delivery, wearable devices, cloudbased platform, mobile application, data analysis

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