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Assess the Mental Wellbeing of Girl Students with Demographic and Social Factor

Nimesh P. Bhojak, K.K. Patel, Dimple Nayak


Girl students’ performance totally depends on their mental and physical strength. So, to assess the student’s mental health is noteworthy. The Warwick Edinburgh Mental well-being scale (WEMWBS) is a reliable and validated tool to assess the mental wellbeing of the students in India. This study aims to assess the WEMWBS and compare scale with the demographic and social factors in India. The convenient sampling method was used to assess WEMWBS for 200 girl students. WEMWBS was significantly associated with the family affluence score (WEMWBS increased with increasing household socio-economic status) and had an association with the age, gender or marital status. The derived conclusion helped to make improvement in the mental strength of the students in India. WEMWBS is a measure of mental thriving focusing inside and out on positive parts of mental wellbeing as a short and psychometrically vigorous scale, with no roof impacts in a populace test, it offers a guarantee as a device for observing mental prosperity at a populace level. While WEMWBS should engage those assessing emotional well-being advancement activities, it is essential that the scale's affectability to change is built up before it is prescribed in this unique circumstance.


Keywords: Mental wellbeing scale, demographic, social factor


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Bhojak Nimesh P, Patel KK, Dimple Nayak. Assess the Mental Wellbeing of Girl Students with Demographic and Social Factor. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2018; 8(Issue 3 Special): 6s-11s.

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