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Awareness and Practices of Menstruation Among Rural Females

Diksha Patel, Viraj Viraj


Menstruation hygiene is of utmost importance in a female’s life. Poor menstrual hygiene is a significant reason for the high prevalence of reproductive tract infection and other related problems. The objectives of the present study were to investigate the awareness and practices of menstruation and to study menstruation hygiene practices among rural females. The demographic details, information regarding menstruation practices and hygiene were collected through pre-tested questionnaire. The results showed that the majority of rural females have sufficient knowledge about the cause of menstruation and having normal menstruation cycle length and blood flow. Majority of females were using old washed cloth and about one-third of the subjects were regularly using sanitary pads. Menstruation hygiene was not appropriately practiced among the females. The present study concludes that awareness about menstruation hygiene is of prime importance to prevent urinary tract infection and maintain healthy life during adulthood and later.


Keywords: Menstruation, hygiene, reproductive health, sanitary pads

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Diksha Patel, Viraj Roghelia. Awareness and Practices of Menstruation Among Rural Females. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2018; 8(Issue 3 Special): 25s-30s.

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