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Surrogacy is a Blessing for Women if it is Implemented Properly

Rajashree Das


Women have the capacity to procreate a new life. God gifted them to create, protect and care in the world. Due to some physical disorder more than 30% of women are unable to conceive to birth their own baby. Here, for them surrogacy is an alternative solution for their in capacity to having a baby. Surrogacy technology is a blessing to these women. Surrogacy in India is becoming the concern issues these days. India is known as the best place for this because of various reasons. In this article it encompasses the problems and issues of surrogacy and rights of women. In this research also emphasizes on various legal problems, psychological, religious, and general and health problems of surrogate mothers. Apart from that this paper also emphasize on various rules and regulations relating to the procedures of surrogacy.


Keywords: Surrogacy, motherhood, legal, health, women, rights, conceive


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Rajashree Das. Surrogacy is a Blessing for Women if it is Implemented Properly. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2018; 8(Issue 3 Special): 107s-111s.

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