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Effect of Myofascial Release Therapy with Motor Control Exercises on Pain, Disability and Transversus Abdominis Muscle Activation in Chronic Low Back Pain

B. Arun


Chronic Low back pain is the second leading musculoskeletal condition for physician visits and it is the most frequent causes for work absenteeism. It affects around 80% of people at some point during life time. It is the frequent condition for people with age under 45. Although there are various modalities in the management of low back pain but the evidences for a single modality is lacking. This study tries to compare between groups to find out the efficacy of the treatment programme. Study aims to find out the effect of Myofascial release therapy with Motor control exercises on pain, disability and transversus abdominis muscle activation in Chronic Low back pain. Randomized control trail with 90 subjects with low back pain were selected by a systematical sampling method. All are divided into three equal groups 30 subjects in each group. Group A underwent Myofascial release therapy with motor control exercises, Group B underwent motor control exercises alone and Group C receives no treatment. Outcome measures used here are pain, functional disability and transversus abdominis muscle activity. Pain was assessed using Numerical pain rating scale, functional disability was measured using Oswestry disability index, and transversus abdominis muscle activity was measured using Pressure Biofeedback device. Following the six weeks of treatment the data were analyzed using ANACOVA and Scheffes test. The result of the study shows that Group A shows significant improvement than compared with Group B and Group C.


Keywords: Motor control exercises, myofascial release therapy, chronic low back pain, transversus abdominis muscle activity, pain, VAS, ODI

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