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Comparative Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude towards Mental Illness among the Adults of Urban and Rural Areas of Sangli District in India

Ashish Gautam


Mental illness has been shrouded in stigma, ignorance and superstition since a long time in India instead of offering help to the mentally ill. Most of us treat them with suspicion, ignorance or cold hearted apathy. Mental illness is rising at epidemic rates around the world, including India. Awareness regarding attitude and knowledge towards mental health issues is rising along with acceptance of mental health illness among community people. Thus, the investigator felt the need to conduct a comparative study to assess the knowledge and attitude towards mental illness among the adults of urban and rural areas of Sangli district in India. The major findings of study revealed that in both the communities, 72% were males in urban area and 85% in rural area; and 28% were females in urban area and 15% in rural area. Findings related to assess knowledge towards mental illness in urban and rural areas showed that people from urban area have more knowledge as compared to rural people. Also findings related to the attitude towards mental illness in urban and rural areas showed that urban people have more positive attitude as compared to rural people of Sangli district in India.


Keywords: Knowledge, attitude, mental illness, adults

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