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Comparison of Forward Head Posture in Subjects With and Without Neck Pain

Saurabh Agnihotri, Deptee Warikoo, Vandana Kashyap


An observational study was conducted to compare forward head posture in subjects with and without neck pain. A total of 200 subjects, both male and female aged between 18 to 30 years were recruited for the study on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria after obtaining an informed consent. The subjects were divided into two groups—Groups A (forward head posture without neck pain) and Group B (forward head posture with neck pain). The outcome measures included a digital camera (7.2 mega pixel), Tripod Scion Image Software, Frederick, MD, Adhesive skin marker, Inch tape, Computer (Dell) OtiplexGx110, 05-Window-XP. Result of this study demonstrated a significant positive correlation between head posture and neck pain. The study reveals that the craniovertebral angle in subjects with neck pain is significantly smaller than those without neck pain. The smaller craniovertebral angle indicated more forward head posture.


Keywords: neck pain, forward head posture, craniovertebral angle

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