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Glucosamine as a Pain Reliving Agent in Planter Fasciitis

Mukesh Tiwari, Neena Tiwari


Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of the plantar heel pain. Its main features are a pain, tenderness mostly on the medial aspect of the calcaneum near the sole of heel. There are many conservative methods for treatment of the lantar fasciitis which include rest, massage, night splints, orthoses, injections, cast NSAID, shock wave therapy. The glucosamine is one of the nutritional product which has a good anti- properties and is already in use for arthritis knee. Depending on anti-inflammatory analgesic property can also be used in planter fasciitis. In this study 17 patients were studied after giving fixed dose of 1200 mg of glucosamine. The evaluation was done on linkert pain score. The p-value in studied group was <0.00001 which shows a good effect of this compound on plantar fasciitis.

Keywords: Plater fasciitis, glucosamine, pain.

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