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Ozone Therapy: A New Era Paradigm

Shivangi A. Panchabhai, Dr.Vinod M. Thakare, Latika L. Kathane, Pritam R. Bande


There are evidences which suggest that ozone does have various therapeutic effects that range from disinfection of pathogens, anticancer properties, and treatment of back ailments. Due to the controlled and moderate oxidative stress produced by the reactions of ozone with several biological components, the therapeutic efficacy of ozone therapy is seen. Strength of the oxidative stress may show the line between effectiveness and toxic effect of ozone therapy. This observation is designed for making aware about ozone therapy and to show some supporting evidence of its efficacy. Ozone therapy causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate. In medical use, the gas produced from medical grade oxygen is administered in precise therapeutic doses and never via inhalation. This advocates that, it has excellent health benefits in dental caries, decrease in blood cholesterol and stimulation of antioxidative responses, modifies oxygenation in resting muscle and is used in complementary treatment of hypoxic and ischemic syndromes. Major auto-hemotherapy is the extracorporeal exposure of blood to ozone followed by the intravenous re-infusion of this blood. By these mechanisms, ozone therapy increases the production of antioxidant enzymes from the body’s cells and tissues while providing protection against malignant cells.


Keywords: Ozone therapy, oxidizing agent, auto-hemotherapy, oxygenation, hypoxic, acidity


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Panchabhai Shivangi A, Thakare Vinod M, Kathane Latika L, et al. Ozone Therapy: A New Era Paradigm. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Immunology. 2018; 8(1):

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