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The Attitude of Eligible Couples Towards Tubectomy versus Vasectomy in Selected Rural Areas

Bindu Joseph, Kaur Guramrit, Eenu .



The objective of the study was to compare the attitude of eligible couples towards tubectomy versus vasectomy in selected rural areas. The non-experimental research approach was adopted for the study with descriptive comparative research design. 200 eligible couples (100 males and 100 females) were selected through convenient sampling technique. The tool developed and used for data for data collection was structured questionnaire. Paper pencil technique was used to collect data. The data obtained were analysed by using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The mean score of tubectomy is 42.52 and mean score of vasectomy is 42.53. Thus, the attitude of eligible couples is approximately same towards tubectomy versus vasectomy. The computed chi square value of selected demographic variable i.e. number of living children was found to be significantly associated with level of attitude in tubectomy and non-significant in vasectomy.


Key words: attitude, eligible couples, tubectomy, vasectomy

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Kaur Guramrit, J Bindu, Eenu. The Attitude Of Eligible Couples Towards Tubectomy Versus Vasectomy In Selected Rural Areas , Research and Reviews: Journal of Medicine.  2015: 5(2): 24–26p.

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