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Covid-19 Associated Mucormycosis: Urgency To Reconsider The Uncontrolled Use Of Prophylactic Drugs

Chandani Kamble, Vikas Kamble, Sharad Kamble, Prakash Kamble, Rani Kamble


Mucormycosis, a lethal mycosis, has affected hundreds of COVID-19 sufferers in India. Mucormycosis, previously known as zygomycosis, is due to the diverse fungi that belong to the family "Mucorales." These molds are normally determined in soil, air, and damp partitions and often colonize oral mucosa, nose, paranasal sinuses, and throat. The pathophysiological results of diabetes mixed with the intense inflammatory surge in COVID-19 and steroid remedy weaken a person's immunity and render susceptibility to fungal infections. Patients treated for intense COVID-19 have damaged lungs and suppressed systems, and surroundings that help mycosis. Fungal spores can develop in airlines or sinuses, and invade bodies' tissues, explaining why the hollow space and paranasal sinuses are the most not unusual place site of mucormycosis contamination, the consequential unfold to the eyes can lead to blindness, or inflicting complications or seizures if the contamination spreads to the brain. Poorly managed diabetes frequently results in acidosis in tissues the appropriate surroundings for Mucorales fungi to develop, exacerbating the risk for mucormycosis. This will become clinically important, mainly in India that has an accelerated incidence of undiagnosed and out-of-control diabetes. Given that a large growth in the cases of mucormycosis in the diabetic patients treated for COVID-19 is strongly associated with corticosteroid administration, there may be a demand to evaluate the use of nutritional nutraceuticals with immune-boosting potentials that modulate metabolic abnormalities in the control of COVID-19 related mucormycosis.



Black fungus, COVID-19, Corticosteroid therapy, Diabetes mellitus, Immunosuppression, Mucormycosis

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