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Combination Therapy with Propranolol and Cephalanoplos Segetum Against First Variceal Hemorrhage in Patients with Cirrhosis

Ik-Sun Kim, Suk-Hui Kim, Hyon U


Background: Primary prophylaxis aims to prevent variceal hemorrhage in patients with esophageal varices who do not have a history of hemorrhage. The use of nonselective beta blockers is the first option for primary prophylaxis to prevent variceal bleeding in patients with the cirrhosis. Application of non-selective beta blocker has various kinds of merits, but patient's endurance to beta blocker becomes a problem and it does not prevent primary variceal bleeding perfectly. To improve the preventive effect of the beta blockers on the upper gastrointestinal bleeding we used beta blockers in combination with the Cephalanoplos segetum which has strong anti-hemorrhagic and treatment action on liver and biliary tract system and examined its efficacy in the treatment. Method: In combination therapy group and single therapy group accumulative non-bleeding rate and improved formation and red coloure sign of gastroesophageal varices after treatment was compared. Result: After 1 year of Combination therapy of propranolol with Cephalanoplos segetum, the first variceal bleeding was significantly lowered and better effect than single treatment (bleeding rate was 6.8% and 11.1% respectively while accumulative non-bleeding rate was 91.5% in combination therapy and 81.3% in control group). Also, the formation and red coloure sign of gastroesophageal varices have been significantly improved both in combination therapy group and single therapy group after treatment, but this effect was more obvious in combination therapy group. (P<0.01). Conclusion: This research result shows that prevention effect of variceal hemorrhage was higher in Combination therapy groups.


Propranolol, Cephalanoplos segetum, variceal hemorrhage, gastroesophageal, therapy

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