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An Epidemiological Profile of Diabetes Mellitus amongst High Risk Age Group: A Community based Study

Nadeem Ahmad, Rubeena Bano, R.P. Sharma


The present study was conducted to study the epidemiological profile including prevalence, magnitude, possible associates and sociodemographic variables related to Diabetes mellitus amongst high-risk age group population in urban and rural areas of Kanpur, India. It was a cross-sectional study performed on five thousand populations each in urban and rural areas of Kanpur. The high risk-age group population, i.e., 45 years and above participated in the study. Study variables such as age, sex, education, working status, social class, Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT), Body Mass Index, hypertension, family history of diabetes mellitus etc were collected on a predesigned and pretested performa. Chi-square test and percentages were used for statistical analysis. The overall prevalence of diabetes mellitus amongst high-risk age group population was found to be 7.6% with 11.3% in urban areas and 3.6% in rural areas. The overall maximum prevalence was in 56–60 years age group. Higher prevalence was observed amongst the graduates and onwards (30.1%), social class-1 (32.1%), sedentary lifestyle (62.5%), obese (19.7%), hypertensives (39.5%), and family history of diabetes mellitus (31.5%). It was observed that 77.7% cases in rural areas and 26.9% cases in urban areas were newly diagnosed.


Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high-risk age group, urban area,
 Body Mass Index


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