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Comparison of McKenzie Treatment and Inhibitive Distraction on Cervical Range of Motion, Disability in Subjects with Nonspecific Neck Pain

Vivek Chauhan, Apurba Rajbongshi


This is a comparative study to compare the effectiveness of McKenzie method and Inhibitive Distraction on subjects with nonspecific neck pain. A total of 34 subjects were included based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria through convenient sampling and divided into two groups. Outcome measures were a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) with a 10 cm baseline, a Gravity Inclinometer (Figure 1), and Copenhagen Neck Functional Disability Scale (CNFDS). Result of present study showed that McKenzie treatment and Inhibitive Distraction, both were found to have significant effect for nonspecific neck pain, but McKenzie treatment was slightly more effective than Inhibitive Distraction. Although differences were not particularly large for all outcome measures between the two groups, McKenzie method is an effective treatment for patients with nonspecific neck pain.


Keywords: Cervical range of motion, Inhibitive distraction, McKenzie Treatment

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