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Potential of Mobile Technology (mHealth) in Medical and Health Care Delivery

Manish Kumar Goel, Yogesh ., S. K. Rasania, Pritam Roy, D. Bachani


The last decade witnessed an unparalleled growth in the number of mobile phones in the country, thus linking millions of previously unconnected people not only to each other but potentially to the ‘system’ itself. The ubiquity of mobile phones, their ease, affordability and the already existing mobile phone technology and capabilities can be used to provide innovative opportunities for various public health measures. Various studies have already indicated that mobile phone technology can be successfully used in various fields of medicine. The potential public health areas can be as varied as improving knowledge and  utilization of National health programs and various government sponsored social schemes to imparting general health education, improving awareness about prevalent and emerging health problems. It has already been shown to be effective in bringing about a positive change in compliance to both preventive as well as curative aspects of health care for example sticking to immunization schedules, treatment compliance. The current addresses the potential use of mobile phone technology in the field of public health and points out the limitations and challenges we might have to face.


Keywords: mobile technology, health care delivery, service utilization

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