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Efficacy of Speech Recording Devices

Himanshu Verma, Madhumita James


Proper selection of a speech recording system is essential in speech and language clinics for the correct diagnoses. The commonly used recording systems among student professionals include cassette recorder (CR), digital voice recorder (DVR) and mobile phones (MPs). Even among them, they are used as per availability and not based upon any empirical findings. The aim of the present study was to have a comparative analysis between the efficacy of CR, DVR and MP. A total of 32 subjects with normal hearing (mean age of 23 years) were exposed to previously recorded speech samples of 30 standard PB words and 30 standard PB sentences from three different recorders. Responses were taken on written mode. Numbers of correctly identified words were counted as true responses. The highest mean of 92.29 was obtained for DVR and the least mean of 82.04 was obtained for MPs.


Keywords: Speech recording, speech assessment, mobile phone (MP), cassette recorder (CR


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Madhumita James, Himanshu Verma. Efficacy of Speech Recording Devices. Research & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science and Technology. 2019; 8(2): 10–16p.

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