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Accidentally Diagnosed Hepatic Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report

Junaid Nazir Dandroo


Hydatid disease is a parasitic infection by a tape worm of Genus Echinococcus. It is a zoonotic disease that occurs throughout the world. The life cycle of E. granulosus alternates between herbivores and carnivores (Such as sheep & Dogs). Man is an accidental intermediate host and a dead end in parasites life cycle. The oral entry of parasite finds its host organ as intestinal mucosa where they develop into adult cyst. Some ova pass through capillary sieve & become lodged in any part of the body including peritoneum, kidney, lung, brain etc. The liver is the most common site as ova directly gets implanted via portal vein. The diagnosis is based on patient’s history, clinical findings, haematological and serum biochemical profiles & serological testing which may be negative in 10-20% cases. However diagnostic accuracy improved by various radiological techniques especially computed tomography (CT) scan. Here we report an accidental case of liver hydatid cyst in a suspected case of COVID -19 having chief complaints of shortness of breath, fever / Myalgia. Rapid antigen test followed by RTPCR was advised which shows negative results. Chest X ray shows a small hazy patch in right lung with prominent broncho vascular markings. Keeping in view X ray findings CT chest was advised which accidentally shows a cystic structure in right lobe of liver probably a hydatid cyst.


Hydatid, Echinococcus, COVID-19, RTPCR, Myalgia.

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