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A Review on Liability of Mental Health Disorders in HIV Patients

Sreeja Nyayakar, LathaSree Moothi



Mental health problems are common among those infected with HIV and also many studies shows that HIV-infected patients have shown higher prevalence rates of psychiatric disorder. Common mental health issues include major depressive disorder , mania, cognitive impairment, psychotic disorders and substance abuse. Mental health problem show its effects on emotions, behavior causing the psychological distress and also decreases the effectiveness of Anti-retroviral treatment in HIV patients. Our literature review will provide the information related to mental health challenges faced by children, adolescents, older people, women and men living with HIV. Mental health issues should be addressed irrespective of the age in HIV patients. Future researches should focus on effective interventions which help to address the psychiatric complications in HIV patients and to provide mental support.

Keywords: Anti-retroviral, HIV, Interventions, Mental health issues, Psychiatric disorder, Treatment

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Sreeja Nyayakar, LathaSree Moothi. A Review on Liability of Mental Health Disorders in HIV Patients. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Neuroscience. 2020; 10(2): 12–16p.

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