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Schwannoma Neck: Systematic Approach to Management

Vinay Venkataramu, Tanvi Vijay, Arindam Mondal, Himanshu Gupta, Sushmita Mitra


The head and neck region are the most common location for benign peripheral nerve tumors. Neurogenic tumors of the medial compartment arise from the lower cranial nerves or the sympathetic chain, and lateral compartment tumors arise from the cutaneous or muscular branches of the cervical or the brachial plexus. Schwannomas originate from the neuroectodermal sheath surrounding peripheral nerves. Schwannomas are usually solitary neoplasms. They are slow growing tumors that can lead to a variety of symptoms and signs, depending on their nerve of origin and location. In this review we will be describing about the detail of schwanomma diagnosis and management 


Neck, Schwannoma, Ultrasonography, MRI, Neuroectodermal

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