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Knowledge and perspectives about Communication Disorder in Under-graduate and Post Graduate students of Allied Professions: An Online Survey

Kiran Kumari, Divya Sethi, Ansila Raslan, Nagashreeya D., AbhishekB.P. B.P.


Communication disorders refer to range of disorders affecting hearing, language and speech. It can affect individuals of all ages ranging from children to geriatric population. Thus, a speech language pathologist and audiologist work with a wide variety of clinical population. Huge number of SLP’s and Audiologists work in hospitals in a multi-specialty setup. This rises the need to sensitize inter professionals about communication disorders. The current study was carried with the aim of assessing the knowledge and perspectives of UG and PG students towards communication disorders. UG and PG students of MBBS, Dental, Physio therapy, Nursing and other related courses served as participants. It was found that the MBBS students performed better compared to the other group especially on questions related to Audiology. Students from Dental and nursing were aware of certain facts related to hearing and language. Generally, the participants confronted difficulty in answering questions related to speech disorders. It was observed that the participants had good know but at the same time had some myths also. It is note-worthy that more sensitization programs would ensure a good inter-professional practice. 


Inter-Professional Practice, Health Care, Facts, Myths, Physio therapy

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