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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Psychosocial Dysfunction among Adolescents Studying in Jammu Public School, Jammu

Sain Priya


The period of growth and development between childhood and maturity is known as adolescence. This period of life is the crucial period for adolescents, for their physical and social adjustment. If proper care and attention are not provided during this time of transition, teenagers are more likely to develop a variety of psychosocial issues that will have a lasting effect. Our research study was to assess the psychosocial dysfunction among adolescents (12–18 years) in Jammu public school of Jammu and to find out the association between psychosocial dysfunction with their selected demographic variables Descriptive cross-sectional study design was chosen as the research method, and quantitative research methodology was applied in the study The main study was conducted in Jammu Public School Sainik Colony, Jammu. 60 students were selected through purposive sampling technique and psychosocial dysfunction was assessed by Youth-Pediatric Symptom Checklist (Y-PSC). The study had shown that 32% of subjects had psychosocial dysfunction and the other 68% had no psychosocial dysfunction. The findings indicated a substantial relationship between psychosocial dysfunction and the demographic factors father education level and adolescent age. Therefore, more concrete steps including outreach campaigns for kids, parent and teacher training, and care for the psychological and social well of teenagers are required.


Adolescence, Psychosocial problems, awareness, illness, socioeconomic, diagnosiable

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