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Case Control Analysis on Neurodegeneration Disorders and Autism in Familial Context

Ayushi Rai, Neelam Balekar


Neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's co-occur with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), indicating shared genetic factors. Oxidative stress and inflammation play roles, with an elevated risk of Parkinson's and dementia in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Antioxidant levels are linked to language and behaviour in autistic children. In the present study, a systematic review and meta-analysis was done following the PRISMA guidelines, reviewing English articles (2002- 2022) on familial coaggregation between autism spectrum disorderand neurodevelopmental disorders in 14 randomized-controlled trials, using PICOS framework. The results of meta-analysis found a significant association (OR 0.21 [0.16, 0.26]) between family history of neurodegenerative disorders and comorbid autism spectrum disorder. Moderate heterogeneity (I2=37%) and no publication bias in funnel plots was observed. Neurodegeneration shares etiological factors and familial correlations with autism spectrum disorder, suggesting shared genetics. High heritability of autism, but transmission across generations not confirmed, necessitating further research. The present study indicated a significant familial link between neurodegenerative disorders and autism spectrum disorder comorbidities, suggesting shared mechanisms. Interdisciplinary collaboration and further research are essential for therapeutic insights.


Neurodegenerative disorders, autism spectrum disorder, familial association, shared genetic factors, therapeutic interventions.

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