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Evaluation of Anticancer Property of Indian Culinary for Gastric and Oral Cancer

N. Ganesh


Herbal formulations have gained the attention of scientists worldwide over the years as potential agents of therapeutic value for a number of ailments including cancer. In India, traditionally, herbs, herbal products, culinary and dietary ingredients have been used to cure various diseases. Indian cuisine is loaded with beneficiary ingredients like dalchini, Bay leaf, and spices like laung, elaichi, kalimirch, etc. With advancements in the techniques in herbal studies, isolation and identifications of new bioactive components with their applications have become easier and more efficient. In this regard, various studies are being done to study the phytochemical and pharmacological effect of various herbs. The current review summarizes the various studies done to evaluate the phytochemical and pharmacological constituents of some known Indian culinaries.


Anticancer spices, C. tamala, P. diocia, C. verum, MTT assay, phytoconstituents

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