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Histotoxicity of Acid Orange 7 on organs of Fresh water fish Labeo rohita

J. Barot, Anita Bahadur


The present paper reports the histotoxic effects of Acid Orange 7, an azo dye on the tissues viz. gill, kidney and liver in major carp, Labeo rohita, fingerlings. The sublethal concentrations of the dye are responsible for the histopathological alterations in the target tissues. In the gills hyperplasia, epithelial lifting, hooked secondary gill lamellae, haemorrhage in the primary gill lamellae and erosion of secondary gill lamellae were seen. The kidney showed shrunken glomeruli, increased periglomerular space, wide peritubular space, degenerated tubules, fat deposition and infiltration of blood cells in the lumen of the renal tubules. On the other hand, the liver showed marked changes in the histology. Disorganized hepatocytes, focal necrosis, haemorrhage, karyolysis and karyorhhexis were seen.

Keywords: Azo dye, Acid Orange, Labeo rohita, Histotoxicity

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