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Experimental Study on Cyanoacrylate as Wound Adhesive

Sohayla M. Attalla, Wageih M. Ghanam, Ibraheim M. El-Shawaf, Osama Shabka, Mohamed Salama


Cyanoacrylates (CAs) have been widely used as surgical glues; however, the high cost of medical CA-based glues limits their use in developing countries. Another possible alternative is the low cost α-CAs which are normally used in commercial glues. The lack of toxicity studies of such agents is considered the main obstacle in their medical application. In the present study, we have evaluated the toxicity profile of commercial glue in comparison to medical octyl cyanoacrylates (OCAs) in rats. In the studied groups, α-CAs revealed to be safe with comparable bio-compatibility and wound healing effects to medically used OCAs. These results advocate the possible substitution of the high-cost medical glues with the low-cost commercial ones without the hazards of toxicity.


Keywords: CAs, toxicity, medical glues, biocompatibility 

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