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Solid Waste on GITAM University, Hyderabad Campus - Characterization, Quantification with Projections for Future and Disposal Methods

R. Jayakumar, Sarita .


The present study attempted to characterize and quantify the solid waste generated by regular student activities for a fortnight. The solid waste comprised food waste, vegetable peels, solid paper refuse, caps of cool drink bottles, plant twigs, unsorted rubbish and non-biodegradable plastic. The daily solid waste was estimated to be 0.06 ton dry weight. A questionnaire survey on the food preference by the consumers revealed fried items are of major priority in their diet. On an average, 598 persons utilize the canteen generating 52 kg (dry weight) of waste daily through food and the future projection is estimated to be 58.57 ton annually. Composting of food waste particularly vermicomposting could be a good disposal technique and it is also practiced


Keywords: Solid waste characterization, annual generation of solid waste, GITAM University, solid waste disposal

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