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Pregnancies, Abortion and Women’s Reproductive Health in Rural Haryana, India

Sutapa Agrawal, Sayeed Unisa, Praween Agrawal


In this study women’s reproductive health has been examined according to the number of pregnancies, gestational stage of abortion, and number of abortions among the rural women of Haryana, India by analysing data from an in-depth interview of 329 ever-married women conducted in five villages of Haryana state of India during the year 2003. We found abortion at late gestational stage significantly deteriorates women’s reproductive health. More number of abortions also significantly worsens the existing reproductive health problems among women. The logistic regression results confirm that experience of abortion significantly aggravates all types of reproductive health problems among women even after controlling for the socio-economic and demographic factors. Further, when the number of abortion was taken instead of experience of abortion, the effect of repeated abortion (two or more) was found to be significantly higher for all types of reproductive health problems. Surprisingly, the number of pregnancies has not come out as a significant factor for the adverse reproductive health problems among women in contrary to the belief that more number of pregnancies worsens women’s health condition.

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