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Effectiveness of Planned Demonstration on “Log Rolling and Range of Motion Exercises” on Performance Score among the Caregivers of Spinal Trauma Patients

Ashok Kumar, Manisha Nagi, Sukhpal Kaur, Rajesh Chhabra


The disability rate among patients with spinal cord injury is high. Log rolling and range of motion (ROM) exercises are essential to prevent bedsores and contractures. The caregivers of these patients need to be aware about these two important procedures. Therefore, this study was carried out in the neurosurgery unit of a tertiary care hospital. Two standardized tools, i.e., “ASIA (American Spinal Injury Assessment) grading scale” and “Muscle Strength Scale” were used to collect the data regarding details of injury. After assessing the caregivers’ baseline performance, demonstration on log rolling and ROM exercises was given. Then, two return demonstrations were taken at the interval of 24 hours and 48 hours subsequently from each subject. Seventy percent injuries occurred due to fall from height. According to ASIA grading scale, seventy-five percent patients had no motor functions and were completely bed ridden. Forty percent patients had developed bedsores during hospitalization due to immobility. Sixty-five percent had lumbar injuries. The mean age of caregivers was 35.7 ± 11.4 (range 18–65 years). Sixty-five percent were males and twenty-five percent were educated up to primary level. Thirty percent were housewives. The mean performance score for log rolling was significantly increased from 0.6 (12%) pre-demonstration to 4.2 (84%) in first and 4.9 (98%) in second return demonstration. Similarly, mean performance score of ROM exercises significantly increased from pre-demonstration 11.3 (43.5%) to 22.9 (88.9%) in first return demonstration and 25.5 (98%) in second demonstration. It is concluded that awareness of the caregivers regarding the log rolling positioning and ROM exercises may help in preventing the complications in spinal cord injury patients

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