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IoT-based Smart Transportation System for Passenger Comfort

Kazi Kutubuddin Sayyad Liyakat


Industry 4.0 now includes a far wider range of topics, including smart transportation management, smart cities, and smart healthcare. It is important to emphasise that among Industry 4.0’s main objectives are innovation, the adoption of new business models, and the development of new revenue sources. Vehicle tracking data is vital in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for both drivers and passengers who want to understand where they are to cross or acquire location-relevant data, and fleet managers who want to monitor cars for transportation and logistics purposes. The ability to detect a car in danger for rescue requirements, and find illegal automobiles or vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals, is vital to governmental authorities. ITS requires communication and information technology to function. Professionals in the transportation industry are familiar with some of these tools, such as loop detectors. However, the operation of ITS depends on a number of lesser-known technologies and systems. The core of ITS is communication and control technology, but human factors are also vital and potentially challenging. In addition to outlining the most important ITS technological solutions, this paper explains why human factors experts ought to be involved in the infrastructure and tool design of ITS from the very beginning. The study discussed how to discover IoT services of intelligent transportation systems and assess them inside the corporate design using the instance of a transportation scenario center in India. 


IoT, ITS approach, intelligent transport systems, smart transport, transport protocol, vehicle

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