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Oral Manifestation of Crohn's Disease: A Case Report and literature review Oral Manifestation of Crohn's Disease: A Case Report and literature review

Rami Nadi, Yousif I. Eltohami, Sara Omer


Crohn’s disease is a chronic granulomatous inflammatory disorder that can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus with the most common localization being the ileocecal region. This is a case of 17 years old young Sudanese boy presented to Khartoum Teaching Dental Hospital complaining of a swelling on the left side of his face And on the lower lip.Histopathological result show non-caseating giant cell granulomas. Treatment was initiated by systemic corticosteroid that resulted in complete resolution of the Swelling after 2weeks.the patient on regular follow-up.


Crohn’s diseases, corticosteroids, oral manifestations, differential diagnosis, investigations

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