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Importance of Dental Genomics

Rajavarman kittu


The Genetics and Genomics got matured in several ways and domains in order to improve accuracy of the disease identification, disease management, knowing possible risks, reducing the chances of relapse etc. The Genomics development in medical field is really very impactful as the outcome directly reflects in patients’ quality of life. As the dental genetics is been for while in order to know and understand genes which are responsible for genetics conditions. This article is to bring awareness to dental community about the Understanding over the Dental Genomics aspects, clinical conditions categories with respected of origin of dental conditions, larger dental genomics project across the globe, modern genomics-based diagnostics methods for dental conditions, the precision medicine strategy which are applied on treating dental patients, screening the infectious disease with Saliva diagnostics methods.


Dental, Genomics, Saliva, Omics, Medical.

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