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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Opinion of Nursing Personnel Regarding the Prospects and Challenges of Advance Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care in a Selected Hospital, Bengaluru

Hari Haran, Shylaja R, Helen Mariadoss


A non-probability purposive sampling technique was used to choose 60 samples from which the nursing staff's perceptions of the prospects and difficulties facing advance nurse practitioners in critical care at the chosen hospital in Bangalore were to be ascertained. A rating scale that was self-structured was used to collect the data.The study findings revealed that nursing personnel’s opinions regarding prospects and challenges of ANPCC are positively correlated with each other. The findings showed a substantial correlation between professional education and prospects levels. χ2 = 17.18 at df = 4 (P<0.05), designation χ2 =27.04 at df = 3 (P<0.05) and professional experience χ2= 8.77 at df = 3 (P<0.05) and the association between the levels of challenges with gender χ 2 = 5.68 at df = 1(p<0.05), professional education χ2 =17.4 at df = 4( p<0.05) and designation χ2 = 23.26 at df = 3(p<0.05).


Health care workers, advanced nurse practitioners, mankind, intensive care unit, life threatening

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