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Knowledge On Biomedical Waste Management Among II Year GNM Students At Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Institute Of Nursing,Bengaluru



Objectives: To assess the knowledge on Biomedical waste management among II Year GNM Students at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Institute of Nursing,Bengaluru.”To associate the  knowledge on Biomedical waste management among II Year GNM Students with their selected demographic variables.Hypothesis: There will be a significant association between the level of knowledge on biomedical waste management among II Year GNM Students with their selected demographic variables.Conceptual framework: The conceptual framework based on Health Belief Model, this model was created by Becker .Research approach: Quantitative evaluative approach. Design: Descriptive research design. Setting of the study: The study was conducted Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Institute of Nursing,Bengaluru.Subjects: There were 45 subjects included in the study. Sampling technique: Purposive sampling technique was used.Data analysis were done by using Frequency and percentage distribution of the demographic variables.Chi- square test to analyze the association between the level of knowledge  with  the selected demographic variables.Findings: This study revealed that there is significant association between Residence, Education of the students, Education of the father, Education of the Mother, Occupation of the father and the level of knowledge among II Year GNM Students regarding Biomedical waste management with their selected demographic variables. Conclusion: On the basis of findings of the study below set conclusions were drawn.It also brings about the limitations of study into practice .The study shows that the  II Year GNM Students had adequate knowledge regarding Biomedical waste management.

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