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Effect of Pesticides on Human Health

Viraj Roghelia, V. H. Patel


The use of pesticides has become a major attribute of modern agricultural practices. Though the application is useful to prevent various diseases of plant and pest attack, it is also harmful to environment and human health at certain level. The pesticides are exposed to human by dermal, oral and inhalation routes that can lead to various adverse health conditions. The mixed effect and specific effect of pesticide may vary and the physiological response to the pesticide also decides the level of toxicity for an individual. Chronic exposure to pesticide is associated with various physiological disorders such as cancer, neurotoxic effects, endocrine disruption, and damage to reproductive system. Awareness regarding adequate use of tools and techniques while handling pesticides, the techniques to reduce pesticide load in the food from farm to table and attitude towards sustainable farming practices can be helpful to reduce the exposure as well as toxicity of the pesticides.

Keywords: Pesticide, pesticide residue, exposure, toxicity

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