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Parental Response Towards Substance Using Children: Pilot Study

Z. Tsenthunglo Ezung, Menon M. S.


The study was conducted to explore parental responses towards their children, who were recognized Substance Users in a treatment programme. A structured questionnaire was provided to the involved parents, who self-administered it during a single session each, after due discussion and explanation by the researcher. Appropriate consent was taken from the participants. A sample size of 35 patients at Kripa Foundation centre was selected through ‘Snowball Sampling’, from different areas of Shillong, Meghalaya State, India. The total study group of parents was 35. Majority participants were female (68%, n-23). Majority of the parents responded in the following-(a) do not accept the substance user child (50%, n-17), (b) were aware of withdrawal symptoms (47%, n-16), (c) agree that special help is needed (79%, n-27), (d) were willing to help the child (68%, n-23). Parents felt the following would help the child- to overcome addiction- religious teaching and interactions with a religious teacher (55%, n-17), professional counselling (13%, n-4), rehabilitation programme (13%, n-4) and medical treatment (9%, n-3). Parental suggestions on the best way to help the affected child included: teaching religious values (38%, n-13), ensuring a safe peer group (21%, n-7), counselling by the parents (23%, n-8) and help from professionals (18%, n-6). Overall, a reasonably responsive parent group was studied, who needed further in depth understanding and empowerment.

Keywords: Parental awareness, health education, professional counselling, rehabilitation, codependency

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Tsenthunglo Ezung Z, Menon MS. Parental response towards substance using children: pilot study. Research and Reviews: Journal of Health Professions. 2017; 7(2): 47–63p.


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